2 Ways How To Create Your Own Website for Beginners

Articles on how to create your own website is more intended for beginners, especially those who just jumped or know the world of blogging. The information will be presented here will describe what needs to be prepared and done in making a site. And no less important is to understand step by step for more optimal results.

In the world of blogging is known terms of websites and blogs. Actually both terms refer to the same object that is a site built to accommodate text, image or image, audio, or video. Blog stands for weblog and its shape is simpler than website. While the website is composed of a more complicated structure with a form that is also very diverse.

how to create a website

Okay that just a description of the site, then how to create your own website? There are many ways to create a site, depending on the purpose you want to create what site or what? But to give an idea, here are some ways that you may choose.

1. Creating a Free Website

There are many website creation services that are provided for free on the internet. Maybe you already know blogspot from blogger.com, wordpress.com, weebly, webs, and so on. Most of these free services provide applications that we live to follow in making the site. And the type of site that this service provides is generally web 2.0 aka blog type. For more details seeĀ start a website for free.

2. Creating Paid Sites

To create a more sophisticated website, you need to spend money to buy domains and hosting. Concerning how to create a personal site with paid hosting is at least two types, namely:

  • Creating a Site with CMS – This is done by downloading CMS sites that we want to create, whether wordpress (WP), joomla, drupal, and so on. How to create a CMS website is also easy, we just want to install the installation with CMS software.
  • Creating a Programming Web Site – This is the most complicated method because it requires the ability of a qualified programming language. Some common ways done by using Adobe Dreamweaver software that is easier, or with other HTML editor that requires advanced programming language skills.

4 Principles of Learning How To Create A Website

Not a few bloggers who learn how to create a website from just try and finally can create their own blog. The process of learning by direct practice alone is the best way to quickly succeed. Moreover, not a little tutorial or how to create a site that is on the internet. So that we are free to seek unlimited information presented in front of us.

how to create your own website

To complete your study, there are many factors in a website that you need to pay attention to. For the benefit of learning to create a website, maybe this is useful for you.

1. Content is The King

This slogan was once an idiom that most popular among web masters after Google catapult it. According to Google’s algorithm, a quality blog can be viewed from its content. If the contents of the site useful for visitors, then the site was good and quality. Even Matt Cutts, one of Google’s staff once said that bloggers do not need to think about anything other than the content.

2. Attractive Website Design

The problem of appearance of a site is also another attraction. The look of the site is interesting because the design is also interesting and attractive. However, choosing or designing the website must also take into account the provisions of Google so as not to interfere when visitors want to read and get information from the content. Good website design also will not burden the loading process where this is related to site performance.

3. Website Structure

A good website must have a navigation structure that is easily accessible to visitors. Learning to make the web should also pay attention to the menu that looks clearly and systematically arranged, not only will be favored visitors but will also be very spoil the search engine so that will improve the performance of our blog.

4. Website Optimization

Another element that also must be considered in making the web is in the process of optimization. Website-related optimization is an onpage optimization where the structure follows Google’s mechanism as the largest search engine. This optimization should be done from the placement of header tags, from H1, H2, to H3, to placing keywords on content and images posted. In addition, in learning how to create your own website you also need to check and ensure that the html structure of your website nothing wrong so as not to disrupt the performance of the website.

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