3 Different Ways How To Get Your Website Indexed By Google

How to get your website indexed by google is actually quite a lot of alternatives. In the previous article, the admin has written about 5 tips that focus on setting SEO onpagenya. This way in addition can make a blog quickly indexed is also very useful in improving the performance of blogs. So that two main goals we can achieve at once with one step only.

how to get your website indexed by google

Well, like the previous admin appointment, this time we will try another terlatif how to create a blog quickly indexed in Google, namely by utilizing facilities that are provided by Google itself. Maybe some bloggers already know how to use Google Webmaster Tools (GWT), but did you know that this facility can dilkukan by several ways.

Steps How to Get Your Website Indexed by Google

First Way

1. Use GWT services to quickly index your blog, please visit this address and login with your gmail address: https://www.google.com/webmasters/tools/

2. After login, click add a site, and enter your new blog name to be registered.

3. After that click the name of the blog that you just registered in GWT to appear below. Before you fetch your new blog, you need to recommend your sitemap. Select the Crawl menu, then select Sitemaps. Press the Add / Test Sitemap button on the top right of the red color and enter the code below in the existing column and press Submit Sitemap.


For blogspot, using this:
Atom.xml? Redirect = false & start-index = 1 & max-results = 500

4. After that select Crawl menu and click ‘Fetch as Google’. If this is your new blog, you can simply press the red Fetch button on the right column.

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5. After that press Submit to Index, and select Crawl only this url. For the Crawl option this url and its direct links are for the old blog that you want to re-submit.

6. After that you when fetch all the url page or your article one by one by entering its url in the same column with above.

Second Way

The second way for how to create a fast indexed blog on Google is by visiting https://www.google.com/webmasters/tools/submit-url?pli=1. Here you also need to login with your gmail until the display appears as in the picture below.

After that you just enter the URL of your new blog in the existing column and enter the code kaptcha, then press Submit Request.

Third Way

This third way you do not need to use gmail and go directly to his address at http://blogsearch.google.com/ping/. After that you just enter your blog URL and press Submit blog. Those are some ways to make blogs quickly indexed in Google with the facilities of Google.

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