5 Tips on How to Get Google to Index a Site Faster and Quickly

Many people want to know how to get google to index a site with fast and quickly. As we know Google is the largest search engine in the world, even very determine the ranking system in search engines. A blog may simply ignore other existing search engines, but can not ignore Google’s algorithm.

Therefore every newly created blog will always try to get indexed quickly. Various ways to make blogs quickly indexed Google search engine to be the first step to improve blog performance and improve its ranking in search engines. Indexed speed can also show that blogs that are created do not experience or have problems that are easily crawled by search engines and indexed.

Ways How to Get Google to Index Site Faster

In order for how to get google to index site faster, especially Google actually there are many things to note. Here are some things may be useful for new blogs you create quickly indexed.

how to get google to index a site

1. Before your blog is registered to the search engine, you should do the optimization on page first, especially on the structure of your blog to be more Google friendly. Make sure the template or theme you use is also SEO friendly, as well as with navigation.

2. After the blog is created, do post articles at least 2 pieces. The existence of posting articles will further facilitate fast blog indexed and this is seen from the number or number of indexes that appear on the search results.

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3. How to create a blog quickly indexed Another Google search engine is to register your blog to Google Webmaster Tools and Bing Webmaster Tools. About how to use Google Webmaster Tools services will admin write on separate posts because there are several techniques that can be used to speed up the blog index.

4. Register your blog to at least 5 existing blog directories. You can find it on the internet because there are many blog directories that you can choose. Not even a few bloggers who feel the need to register his blog to many blog directories.

5. Create an rss feed in the feed burner that is currently also been acquired by Google. Many uses have rss from Feed Burner, especially in spreading your content to get abundant traffic. Do not forget to register your Blog Burner Feed to various existing RSS directories as this is also a way how to get google to index site faster.


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