Basics Step How To Make Your Own Blog with WordPress

Know the basics how to make your own blog is very important if you want to be a master the world of blogging. Moreover with the many blog platforms available today certainly requires basic knowledge that will be very helpful in choosing and developing the right blog or website for your online activities.

Currently there are a number of blog platforms that are very popular and much preferred in making blogs. There is a blogspot generated blogger or wordpress supported various plugins that greatly facilitate the user in performing optimization. There is also a joomla, wiki site, and much more. See also tips to start a website for free.

Just to add to your understanding of the basics of making a blog, blogspot development spelled out the most rapid. Blogger as a blogspot creation platform created and built first by Evan Williams and Meg Hourihan. Two programmers from Pyra Labs launched the service provider of the blog in 1999 and soon received tremendous response from internet users from around the world.

how to make your own blog

The presence of an easy to run blogger makes it easier for internet users to create and have their own blogs. Especially after purchased by Google in 2003 made blogger more popular and become the choice of people in doing blogging. Everyone is spoiled and facilitated with the features of bloggers in making an interesting diary or online journal.

The blog function is initially more like a diary to accommodate ideas and share them with friends or colleagues. But in its development, the blog and then used as a medium of online journals are increasingly in demand, especially until the late 1990s. At that time also appeared various new blog platforms that provide online journal creation services, such as made Andrew Smales, Open Diary, and Live Journal created by Brad Fitzpatrick.

Blog itself is actually an acronym of weblog as a web application that archives its content based on the order of the time of article creation or writing. This kind of mechanism is more serialized and simple. This is different from websites with more complex content structures.

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By considering the various platforms of existing blogs, then you can customize them with your goals and targets in creating blogs. That’s the importance of knowing the basics of creating a blog that will facilitate you in achieving the goals you want to achieve.

How To Make Your Own Blog on WordPress is Just Easy!

You want to know how to make your own blog on wordpress? This post will describe how to easily create and have a blog using wordpress platform (WP). WordPress is a free blog platform that is also much preferred by internet users. In addition to free and easy way of making, this platform is also supported by many themes, scripts, or free plugins for the optimization process.

how to make a blog

Before creating a blog, you need to create or have an email first to register and to be able to access the login data. Ok, just let’s follow a few easy steps how to create a blog on the following wordpress.

1. Type the URL address of wordpress by typing in your browser. Then click the Get Started menu to start.

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2. Fill in the fields that are available with your data, such as email address, username, or password. For the address of the subdomain that will be your URL address, by default wordpress will enter the username as the URL name. But if you feel unsuitable, you can replace with the name of another subdomain to exit the green check mark beside it as a sign of approval. Once complete, click on the ‘Create Blog’ menu in the bottom free column. Just a suggestion, you should consider well the name of the subdomain you choose because it will be very useful to the blog optimization process later.

3. After that you will be asked to confirm via email that was registered. Open your email and click the confirmation link included in the email sent wordpress. After confirmation is successful, you will be prompted login again and please login to access it.

4. After that you can choose one of the existing template that you can later change again if you do not like it. Well, with these steps, then your new blog has been completed. You can view your wordpress blog or directly create your first post.

That’s the step or step in creating a free blog using wordpress platform that is easy enough to follow. After that you can also complete the information about your blog description to strengthen the optimization. Hopefully posting about how to make your own blog on wordpress hope useful for you.

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