How Do You Start Your Own Website For Free Simple Tips


Anyone can actually build or know how do you start your own website for free. Currently the world of blogging has grown rapidly and people do not necessarily have to learn or master the programming language to be able to create a website. Moreover, there are many sites that provide free website creation services in a way that is relatively easy.

To know about the world of blogging, especially concerning how to create a personal website, it helps you know the various types of websites and things that need to be prepared to apply it.

1. Quick and Free Way

This is the easiest way to create a website. Currently many sites provide site creation services that can be accessed for free. You must have known blogspot from, wordpress, and so forth. In addition to free, these service sites also provide tutorials for the same safe with the world of blogging. Maybe no less than 5 minutes you can create your own blog without the need to linger in learning it.

how do you start your own website for free

Unfortunately, how do you start your own website for free in this type must follow the rules and ordinances set by the service provider so that we are not free to develop them. Read more start a website for free.

2. Utilizing Open Source CMS

How to create a website of this model is actually relatively better than the free model, so in the management is also more flexible. Examples of websites built this way is wordpress self host, Joomla, and so forth. In making it, we just download the program that has been provided in open source and install on your own hosting. So that services in any programming language can create a professional site. But this way requires a fee, at least to buying domain and hosting for your website can be online on the internet.

3. With Web Programming Application

This method is the highest technique in website creation. To do so we have to spend money for the domain and for free as well as mastering the programming language. Despite the highest level of difficulty, making the website in this way somewhat the best and the resulting website is also more perfect as we wish. We do not need to follow the pattern or structure of CMS websites or free ones that are generally limited. Not a few corporate websites built with this technique, although this way can also be a way for personal website.

How Do You Start Your Own Website For Free with Jimdo

In the previous post we have discussed how to create a free and easy website by utilizing various services on the internet. There are blogspot, wordpress, weebly, and various free website creation services Indonesia. The number of sites that provide free services of this kind would certainly facilitate the bloggers in choosing the desired blog platform.

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In this post we will discuss how to create a free and easy website by utilizing the service from Jimdo. Jimdo is a WYSIWYG-based website development service founded by Matthias Henze, Christian Springub, Fridtjof Detzner from Germany. The service launched since Feruari 2007 brings the concept of ‘Pages to People’ which can be interpreted as a sheet for us where we can pour any idea tau cverita to be submitted to the public.


In addition to free, Jimdo also provides premium services, especially those who want to build business and professional websites with better service. Well, for you who want to create a free website and can easily take advantage of this free service.

1. To be able to take advantage of this service please visit the website at You must also register first by filling out the available form. After that please confirm the email sent to your email.

2. Once registered, please login. How do you start your own website for free with Jimdo is somewhat different from other free blog services. To create a new website, you can use the menu in the box to the right. This widget is where the features of Jimdo are located. For the first step please click the settings and give your blog title.

3. Next you select an existing template from the template menu. You can choose any template that you can change again if not according to your wishes.

4. Now when we make your first post. Please select the blog menu from Jimdo widget on the right. After that look at the bottom there is the menu ‘add new post’ and just click to exit the display as in the picture.

5. Fill in the title of your post along with its category, then click save. After that click ‘add element’ under the post title to exit various menu contents of the pot you should choose. Please feel free to experiment with these features, whether to post artists, articles and photos, photo galleries and so on. Do not forget to click save.

6. For publishers, in the post title field change the ‘draft’ option to ‘publish’ and click save, and be your blog with the first post. That’s how do you start your own website for free and easy website with Jimdo.

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