How to Create a News Website and Tips to Develop The Blog

If you want to know how to create a news website is actually also easy, as easy as creating other types of blogs. Especially with the development of the internet and the world of blogging is increasingly rapidly, making the blog becomes more easy and faster. Not even more than 5 minutes, a new blog you can create with ease.

One of the most prominent trends to accompany the development of the blogging world is the activity of citizen journalism which is also increasingly strong. With blogs that can be created and owned by everyone, then they can use it as a media journalism against various events that occur in the vicinity. Through the blog also community can pour the results of observations and reportasenya into the form of writing or photos and uploaded to their own blog.

A number of national news portals, such as Huftngtonpost, Time, or others are some that are aggressively providing space for people to do their own reporting. Although in its development, the website also became a kind of online journal that contains opinions or analysis in response to actual events that occur.

how to create a news website

You or anyone can also create or make a blog that made it as a citizen journalism site. Moreover, how to create a news website is also no different from other blog topics. Through your own blog, you can report any developments or events happening around our residence.

But for your news blog to provide benefits to your readers, then you need to create a clear category so that your blog does not become a blog gado-gado is not clear. Categorization is also important to group the news or information you write so easily accessible by readers or visitors to your blog.

Is there Ethics in Creating a Blog?

Yes, this is a question like the title, is there any ethics in creating a blog? This issue has been crowded and a prolonged discussion in an online forum. Discussions, or rather the debate, try to question a number of cases that are not easy to overcome or discontinue. Even legally, the issue or case may be said to be in a gray area where rules or laws are a bit difficult to reach.

Some of the cases that arose in the discussion, among others plagiarism cases conducted by many bloggers where the content takes or plagiarized from the blog content of others. Still mending if the reference source is listed below post or given a live link, so readers who want to know the details can visit the original source. Worse, most plagiarism blogs do not include at all reference sources.

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Even more pathetic, not a few blogs who do plagiarism is doing it alias just copy paste. From this case also popular blog copy paste or ‘content thief’ and become one of the most annoying blogging world phenomenon. Moreover, there is no rule of law that regulates this issue because it is more directed to ethics in creating blogs, so this kind of case still happens until now.

Another case that has also been a heated debate is the issue of royalty to blog content that contains songs, videos, movies, or other art that can be downloaded for free. You as an internet user must have found or encountered blogs containing free downloads of songs or movies. Movies or songs that are just launched and circulated in the market in a short time can easily found the free version on the internet. Is this a legal or ethical issue?

Regardless of the form or type of violation, whether it is legality or ethics in creating a blog, but the practice of this kind of blogging is actually very detrimental to others. Although the legal domain may not be able to reach this issue, Google’s policy is very concerned about this phenomenon.

Even if the blog copy and paste is not banned or removed, at least such a blog can not follow the Google adsense program. And since this is more of an ethic in blogging, it would be better if it was returned to your conscience: is it appropriate to steal other people’s blog content for your own benefit?

In managing the news blog, for the early stage you should do yourself. It is very useful to provide experience and learning that is important to you. If your blog gets a good reception with high traffic, you can start recruiting friends or neighbors as your blog content filler. With the stages of how to create a news website, it is not impossible that your blog will be able to grow into large.

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